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The spleen is a small organ normally about the size of your fist.Syndrome of spleen enlargement (splenomegaly) and destruction of red blood cells (hemolysis).The spleen is the organ located above the stomach and under the ribs, which is responsible for fighting infection and balancing the fluids in the body.

Sometimes the spleen must be removed surgically (splenectomy), for example, if it is severely damaged by an injury (see Spleen Injury) or if certain disorders cause it to become very large (see Enlarged Spleen).If splenomegaly is detected, a complete blood count and a blood smear are usually ordered to review the number, shape, and composition of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets.The spleen was then sent off to IDEXX for evaluation by a pathologist.The spleen filters infection from the blood as it circulates through the body.It is a small soft organ performing several functions for your body.

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A mass of lymphoid tissue, it contains two distinct areas, the white pulp and the red pulp.Spleen enlargement occurs when it gets overworked, in a process that results in what.

It is found on the left upper side of the abdomen, between the 9th and 12th rib.Spleen enlargement, or splenomegaly, is not actually a disorder but rather the symptomatic manifestation of different disorders such as repeated parasitic infections, certain metabolic disorders or cirrhosis of the liver.You could have an enlarged spleen right now without even knowing it.

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For example, sometimes the spleen is overactive in removing and destroying blood cell.

Spleen problems range from mild to severe and life-threatening.This condition can occur with different medical conditions ranging from blood disorders to infections and certain forms of cancer.

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It is necessary for an immediate medical intervention once the spleen ruptures as it is potentially life-threatening.It is also not usually directly related to the spleen, but rather a symptom of another disease or condition.

How the Body Works The Spleen The spleen is a small organ located behind the stomach in the left, upper part of the abdomen.An enlarged spleen is caused by other illness like low platelet count, infections (mono, hepatitis, TB), liver disease from alcohol use, anemia, leukemia, and lymphoma.Enlarged spleen: Splenomegaly, or an enlargement of the spleen.

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It has a tremendous blood supply that is closely attached to the blood.The spleen is an elongated organ that is on the left side of the stomach in cats.Many of the causes of an enlarged liver and spleen are not very popular.Cirrhosis (Liver Swelling) liver diseases, blood infections and problem with the lymph system are the main causes of enlarged and swelled spleen (Splenomegaly).

Read and know all about enlarged spleen, what causes it, its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.Also, the spleen is vital for your immune system because it helps to keep infections at bay.In this fortunate case, the histopathology report revealed it.A number of conditions, including liver disease and some cancers, can cause your spleen to become enlarged.

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An enlarged spleen can reduce the number of healthy red blood cells, platelets and white cells in your bloodstream, leading to more frequent infections.

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Splenomegaly: Splenomegaly,, enlargement of the spleen, the abdominal organ that serves as a temporary storage site for blood and filters out degenerated and old blood cells.It is an intraperitoneal organ, entirely surrounded by peritoneum (except at the splenic hilum).

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Basically, the swelling of spleen as a result of some underlying infection occurs in response to defense mechanism of the body to fight that infection.

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